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Tooth worries? Come see us at Kings Dental

Every year we see thousands of patients, and all of them have their own individual problems and needs when it comes to their teeth and oral health . Our dental professionals treat every patient based on their individual circumstances. We pride ourselves on treating our patients with the utmost respect and in a gentle and friendly environment. We can provide guidance and advice for any dental dilemma or concern that you may be experiencing.

All sorts of things can go wrong with your teeth. You might have lost a tooth, or you might be worried that you have some teeth that are crooked. You might be experiencing problems due to a build-up of plaque or even have tooth decay. These problems can be serious, and you only get one set of adult teeth in your lifetime. So if you have any of these, or other, dental concerns, it’s advisable to make an appointment to see one of our dental practitioners at Kings Dental in Subiaco. We’ll do our best to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy and can advise you on which treatments are suitable to meet your needs and to improve the condition of both your teeth and smile.

General dentistry at our practice

It’s generally recommended that you attend our practice at least twice a year so we can fully assess the condition of your mouth and spot any underlying problems that you may have. At a check up, we will professionally clean your teeth too so you can be assured that your teeth are clean when you leave the practice. Obviously, some patients will need to see us more regularly depending on the overall health of their teeth or if they are receiving ongoing treatment with us.

We are equipped to provide quality dental care for your whole family. When your child's adult teeth start to come through, they might be crooked, or they might have several gaps between their teeth. At Kings Dental in Subiaco we can provide suitable, corrective treatments to straighten your child’s teeth and give them a smile that they are proud of. We’ll need to see you child to assess your child at our practice in order to determine what kind of corrective treatment your child will need. Sometimes the treatment can be straightforward and only one type of brace may be required, but other times the jaw may need to be aligned too and this can require a different type of brace which is needed before other straightening treatments are carried out.

We provide cosmetic dental treatments too

At Kings Dental in Subiaco we provide more than just general dentistry. Many people wish to change their smile for several different reasons, whether it is a simple teeth whitening that is required, or maybe they want to replace their missing teeth. Feeling insecure about your smile can severely affect you daily, as feeling unable to smile can leave you feeling frustrated and potentially even impact your confidence. At our practice we understand just how important it is to feel confident about your smile.

Whether you are missing one tooth or several of your teeth we have different treatment options available. The important thing is for you to discuss your concerns and needs with one of our professionals. You may need a crown fitted if you have one missing tooth or a tooth that is damaged, or you may need a partial denture if you are missing a few teeth in a row. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to improve your smile, our practitioners are here to help you throughout your dental journey and will not be satisfied until you are.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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