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New Patient Information

Excellence In Dental Care

At Kings Dental, we strive to provide a comfortable, positive and all round outstanding dental experience.

We realise that dentistry is scary for many people and many people feel uncomfortable just thinking about a visit to the dentist. We want to change that.

Our patients actually enjoy coming to see us and know that they are in the best hands. Our team of elite dentists is supported by our caring and experienced staff, and our aim is to make each and every patient feel their needs are heard, and taken care of.

From check-ups and teeth cleaning, to full Smile Makeovers, and everywhere in between, we will spend the time to make sure you have your healthiest smile.

When you arrive at our Practice the first thing you might notice is: “it’s a house!”. Open up the stained glass window door into our hallway and have a look at the collection of old photos of Perth and Subiaco as you make your way to our reception area. Our treatment coordinators will likely be expecting you and will give you a tour of our beautiful “home”. Our reception area has fresh filtered water and we can make you an espresso coffee or a tea before your appointment. We have toothbrushes and toothpaste available for you if you wish to brush your teeth before your appointment.

As a new patient one of our dentists (Dr Jeremy Keating, Dr Judit Szito ) will consult with you and have a look at your mouth to get to know where you are at with your oral health. If there is a sore tooth or a more pressing issue then we will usually take care of that at this appointment instead of doing our usual new patient comprehensive examination (if that is your wish).

Many of our patients first come to us with emergencies such as a broken tooth and for these patients our aim is to get them as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. We can then help you plan for your dental future.

We are available to answer questions via phone, email and in person so please let us help you find the dentist that is right for you. We are confident it will be one of ours!

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