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Our Approach To Dentistry

Our Approach

Holistic and What That Means in Our Dentistry


The term holistic is often associated with alternative practices of medicine (and whatever our individual idea of that is).

According to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary holistic is “chiefly [a] philosophy characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately connected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.

To clarify what we mean by holistic, simply put, it is our approach to dentistry. Dr Jeremy Keating’s team all believe in the principle that each tooth is interdependent on each other and that they work together as a whole. Why does that filling in your mouth continually fall out? Or why do your front teeth continue to chip and wear away? They aren’t doing it on their own. By using an analytical approach that treats the mouth as a whole, we examine not only your teeth individually but also:

  • Your gums.

  • The muscles of your mouth.

  • Your jaw joints.

  • Possible and existing medical conditions.

  • Your diet.

  • The impact of medications you may be using.

  • Any other contributing factors.


Whether it be directly or indirectly, any and all of these factors can, and often do, play a major role in why your teeth are breaking down or why your jaw muscles hurt. These and other issues you may be having trouble with can be identified and are why we put great emphasis on your personal and dental history. Collecting this information gifts us with a wide spectrum of knowledge that can give us insights into your dental needs and come up with actual solutions to the problem. Seemingly permanent or reoccurring issues are addressed in their natural context, with “reference to the whole”.

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