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Mouth Sores & Infections: What You Need To Know

There are heaps of different mouth sores and infections you can experience, some of them are super common such as canker sores or oral thrush and others are slightly more complicated. Today we’re going to learn about what the signs are of different types of sores and when it’s time to get booked in with us, your dentist Subiaco.

Mouth Sores A Little More Info

Mouth irritations and oral lesions are sores, spots or swellings around your mouth, tongue or lips. There are lots of different types of sores and disorders, most of which are very common as already mentioned. The ones you’re more likely to be acquainted with are ulcers, cold sores or thrush but there are others such as leukoplakia which are a little less well known.

It’s been reported that around one third of people are affected by a type of mouth sore during their life, but even though they’re really common it doesn’t take away from them being uncomfortable, unsightly and even affecting eating and speaking.

It’s worth noting now that any mouth that is persisting for over a week should be looked at by the dentist Subiaco or doctor.

Breaking Down The Types

We’ve already mentioned the names of a few of the different sores you can contract, so which is which and how do you know what you’re experiencing this is what your dentist Subiaco says…


Ulcers which come in two different varieties are also called cankers. The first kind is a small white lump or sore that's surrounded by redness. These aren’t contagious and are frequently confused with cold sores which are actually caused by contagious herpes. Canker sores or ulcers tend to happen on the inside of the mouth whilst cold sores happen on the outside. These can recur and can be small or large in scale.

The second type of ulcer is the Apthous Ulcers which are super, super common and frequently recur. We aren’t sure as to why these are caused. Some people think it’s to do with the immune system, with something not right with a bacteria or virus. Stress, trauma, allergies, iron, vitamin deficiencies or smoking could all be factors that make people susceptible.

Cold Sores

These are caused through the herpes simplex and are a cluster of fluid filled, uncomfortable blisters which sit around the lips and or around the nose and chin. It’s very common for the infection to occur in someone as a child and then once infected the virus stays within the persons systems and continues to reinfect them. In some people they might only ever have one flare up, so it’s really luck of the draw. It’s been widely reported that stress and anxiety are often causes of a new set of sores.


This will look like thick white patches on a person's inner cheeks and gums. It’s very interlinked with smoking and the chewing of tobacco. There is a report showing around 5% of leukoplakia cases progress into cancer which is why your dentist might choose to take a biopsy of the site.


Thrush is a fungal infection which is also super common for women as it also occurs very easily in the vagina. It’s recognisable through its white/yellow cream like discharge and red patches. It shows up mainly on the surface of the mouth and can be very comfortable and traumatic. It can be sorted with a course of antibiotics and where possible it’s best not to stress about it as it’s totally curable.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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