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Do you need dental implants from your dentist?

When it comes to missing teeth, there may be a number of reasons why this has occurred; whether you’ve had poor oral hygiene, an illness or certain medication, or you’ve had an accident for example, it is important to replace missing teeth. Our dentist Subiaco at Kings Dental Subiaco can provide dental implants to eligible patients. Choosing dental implants has a number of benefits that could well be worth considering if you are weighing up whether or not to opt for this treatment.

Dental implants

In case you aren’t sure what dental implants are, they are screws that are made from titanium and are attached to your jawbone, where you have gaps in your smile. To these screws, our dentist Subiaco can then add your replacement teeth. The replacement teeth that you get will partly depend on how many you need to have replaced. For single tooth replacements, we normally use crowns; for multiple teeth we use bridges, and for a whole set we use dentures. Once they are attached to the screws, they shouldn’t move at all - just like your natural teeth. This is because the body’s tissues fuse with the screws and it is to these that the replacement teeth are attached.

Other reasons to choose dental implants

Of course, having teeth that won’t loosen is a great bonus, but there’s more! The other benefits of dental implants are the fact that nobody else will know that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth and you can easily maintain them by brushing and flossing as normal. Your replacement teeth won’t get cavities and dental implants could last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

A further advantage of dental implants is that if you have been experiencing any jaw pain or speech difficulties as a result of having missing teeth, then you shouldn’t have to worry about this once the implants have been fitted. You should be able to chew properly and speak clearly as well. But if you have experienced an aged look as a result of having missing teeth and losing the structure in your face, then this could be remedied by filling in the gaps in your smile. Not only will your smile look beautiful, but you could look younger too - result!

From an oral hygiene perspective, dental implants also make a lot of sense. If you have gaps in your smile, you leave any remaining natural teeth and the gums exposed more to bacteria. By having replacement teeth fitted, you are protecting your natural ones as well. There are so many reasons to consider having dental implants.

Will dental implants take a long time to be fitted?

You will need to have an initial consultation with our dentist Subiaco to enable us to examine your mouth properly and identify what the treatment options are. If dental implants are viable and you choose to proceed, you will then need an appointment to have the screws fitted. While the gums heal around them, we will attach temporary teeth and we will get your permanent ones manufactured during this time. After the healing process has been completed, you can then return to get the permanent replacement teeth attached and smile your new smile!

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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