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Causes of sensitive teeth, here’s a break down by our dentist

As many as 2 in 5 dental patients suffer from sensitive teeth.

And if you have ever had a sensitive tooth, you may know the feeling all too well; it's a hot summer's day, and you take a sip of an iced drink only to be met with a sharp pang of discomfort underneath the tooth.

Sensitive teeth are a common issue for dental patients and dental surgeries alike, as both will aim to treat the discomfort to prevent you from having to suffer that uncomfortable sensation every time you eat or drink.

When you come to see our team at the Kings Dental Subiaco, our dentist Subiaco will always ensure that any issues of dental sensitivity are treated as quickly as possible to prevent you from feeling any more discomfort. We will, of course, need to assess the underlying reason for sensitivity, especially if it has occurred suddenly, and discuss options with you to prevent it from recurring in the future. Great stuff!

So, what are some of the leading causes of sensitive teeth, according to our dentist Subiaco? Read on to find out.

Cracked teeth

Teeth can crack due to many reasons. Perhaps you play contact sports or have a manual job, which could have caused your teeth to form micro-cracks. Our dentist Subiaco can spot this, usually with an x-ray or from glancing and assessing each tooth in your mouth. If this is the cause of your dental sensitivity, we will aim to fill the crack in the tooth to prevent further sensitivity.

Enamel erosion

As they get older, many people begin to experience sensitive teeth; this is more of a gradual process caused by enamel erosion. The leading causes of enamel erosion are diet, such as acidic foods and drinks, brushing teeth too aggressively and even teeth grinding at night. If we notice you have signs of enamel erosion, we can suggest multiple options. We may be able to apply a fluoride sealant to help prevent any further issues with sensitivity or offer you a nighttime guard to wear to bed that will prevent your teeth from grinding against each other.

Lost restorative

Nobody wants to lose a filling or crown, but, unfortunately, this is a common cause of sudden dental sensitivity, as the pulp of the tooth would be exposed to the hot and cold beverages you consume. Luckily, our team will be able to spot a loose restorative and replace it promptly.

Dental infection

At the top of the list of uncomfortable dental sensations is infection, which can initially present as a tooth that is overly sensitive to touch or temperature changes due to drinks or food. If you notice that you have a swollen sensation underneath one of your teeth and this is accompanied by dental sensitivity, you need to see our team as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading and the abscess from bursting.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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