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Are you a nervous or phobic dental patient? Come to Kings Dental in Subiaco- we can help!

It is the moment all nervous dental patients dread; the SMS, phonecall or letter that reminds you it is time for your dental check-up.

Very few people enjoy dental check-ups, however, there are dental patients who cannot even walk past a dental surgery without breaking a sweat and these patients are the most likely to ignore that appointment reminder. Unfortunately, doing that can cause more dental issues than it resolves: ignoring issues can then lead to more complicated dental procedures. It can be a vicious cycle.

At Kings Dental in Subiaco, our dental team are trained to offer you a compassionate approach, without those once common lectures about dental hygiene. We can offer you the most modern approaches to dentistry, ensuring that any treatment you undertake with us is non-invasive and painless.

So, how does our team at Kings Dental in Subiaco manage that? Read on to explore our techniques reserved for our most phobic patients.

Friendly team

At Kings Dental in Subiaco, we pride ourselves on our understanding approach to nervous patients.

Our team will take everything at your pace, ensuring that everything they are doing is explained to you, listening to and answering any of your questions and showing you hand signals to use if you need a break during treatment. If you wish, we can spread the treatment out over smaller, more manageable visits too. Our aim is to make your treatment or check-up as as anxiety free as possible.

Private treatment rooms

Most phobic patients are concerned about what the dentist will make of the condition of their mouths, so the last thing you want is an open door, where other patients can peer in! Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all before and work in a completely non-judgemental, compassionate manner.

We are happy to be able to offer our patients completely private treatment rooms at our Subiaco practice, ensuring there are onlookers and no sudden sounds that many startle you. This helps build the level of trust between you and your dental team

Headphones and music

If it is the sound of the drill that worries you, we have a solution!

We are happy to offer you headphones, so you can listen to relaxing music during treatment. Or, if you prefer, we can play Renu; a combination of music and soothing sounds, like running water, to help your body and mind relax fully.


We are able to offer you sedation to help you through treatment, if it makes you more comfortable.

At our Subiaco practice, we offer both nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) or intravenous (IV) sedation for our anxious patients. Both options allow you to be partially conscious whilst taking away your anxiety.

With IV sedation, we you will need to have a responsible family member or friend to look after you post treatment. You must not operate any heavy machinery for 24 hours post IV sedation.


Finally, if you would prefer to undertake general anesthetic for your dental check-up or procedure, we can arrange for this to take place in a local hospital setting.

You will be completely unconscious for this procedure and must have a responsible family member or friend with a car to take you home afterwards.

All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check up with your dental practitioner.


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