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About us at Kings Dental Subiaco

At our practice we pride ourselves on long term dentistry, we believe treatment should be about more than emergency and repetitive patchwork dentistry. When Dr Stone opened this practice 50 years ago he aimed to serve as a long-term comprehensive dentist, significantly influenced by his work in Florida, at the Pankey Institute. Now with our current team we aim to continue to provide this form of dentistry, with the help of our dedicated and friendly staff.

At our clinic in Kings Dental Subiaco we have a fantastic body of staff, Dr Keating is our principal dentist, focusing his graduate studies on cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. As a member of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Keatings is actively involved with the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dentistry in Florida. At our practice we are proud of our involvement in the gold founding donor for our charity Bridge2Aid Australia. Dr Keating is a director on this charity board which aims to provide a unique solution to emergency dental care within rural areas by giving intensive practical training to existing local health workers. The rest of our team consists of several dental hygienists as well as a clinical co-ordinator. We enjoy the fact that we have a multitude of long-term patients, who have continued to choose us as their dentist.

Our holistic approach to dentistry at Kings Dental Subiaco

‘Holistic’ by meaning is to be taken subjectively, it is often associated with alternative forms of dentistry. In terms of our holistic approach, we use a unique analytical approach in order to treat each aspect of the mouth individually, we believe there is a cause for everything, such as why a specific filling may continually be falling out. We not only examine the teeth individually but also the other elements pertaining to them: the gums, the muscles and jaw joints, diet, medication, as well as existing medical conditions our patients may have. At our clinic we aim to gather this information of our patients in order to treat them accordingly, by giving us an insight into their individual needs.

Do you offer family dentistry as well as cosmetic and restorative at Kings Dental Subiaco?

Yes! We are proud to say we offer both approaches to dentistry, our cosmetic and restorative dentistry also now includes smile makeovers, which take full advantage of modern technology in order to assess and determine which treatments would serve our patients the best. Our cosmetic and restorative dentistry also includes dental implants, veneers and white fillings, in addition to teeth whitening which all help to enhance a natural white smile. Facial aesthetics are also available to patients who wish to reduce the signs of ageing skin. In terms of our family dentistry, we offer children’s and women’s dentistry, as well as treating specific cases of sleep apnea and snoring.

What if I feel nervous about visiting the dentist?

Patients may feel nervous about visiting their local surgery for several reasons, they may have had negative experiences which may lead to a negative perception of the dentist, or they may simply have an irrational fear. At our clinic Kings Dental Subiaco we aim to ease our patients’ anxiety by ensuring we have private consultation rooms available, where we will treat you with comforting and friendly staff, we offer a homely environment with a team of experienced professionals. Patients are offered headphones with a choice of relaxing music or renu - which is a series of relaxing sounds, to help ensure our that they feel at ease.


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