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Why choose our Kings Dental In Subiaco

Our dental clinic within Subiaco has an excellent approach to traditional dentistry, we have been established for over fifty years and have continued to provide a high standard of dental care. Our dental clinic boasts a wide array of dental treatments, and caters to patients who require simple dental hygiene treatments as well as more complex dental makeovers. Our dental team is led by our excellent principal dentist Dr Jeremy Keating, however; every member of our dental clinic has an undeniable passion for dentistry.

Meet the team at our Kings Dental In Subiaco

Our primary dentist completed his further postgraduate dental study and chose to specialise within complex restorative, cosmetic, and even implant dentistry. We also have many standard dentists, dental hygienists, front desk coordinators, and dental assistants. Our experienced dental team hand pick the very best dental healthcare professionals, which may contribute to the excellent standard of dental care we provide.

Going the extra mile..

At our Kings Dental In Subiaco we are a gold founding donor of a charity known as Bridge2Aid Australia. This charity plays a fundamental role in providing a unique solution to emergency dental care within the rural areas of Australia, and offers unique intensive dental training to local pre-existing health workers which we believe is extremely important.

Our unique dental approach

Our clinic within Subiaco adopts a holistic dental approach, which means we believe that each tooth should be treated individually, however; the mouth also works as one unit. We assess each individual tooth as unique, whilst examining the gums, cheeks, and the mouth as a whole. We aim to pinpoint the exact causes of the dental concerns, therefore preventing the development of any further dental diseases and infections such as gum disease.

Reducing your anxiety

Many of our patients may feel extremely nervous when receiving treatment at our clinic which is why we welcome them to contact us prior to their appointment. We understand that familiarity can help ease nerves, which is why we offer virtual tours on our website, as well as physical tours.

Send us a photo

On our website we offer our patients the chance to send a photo of their pre-treatment smile, this can be a perfect solution for our busiest patients. Our patients can fill in a few personal details along with a message regarding their future dental treatment.

Our ethos

We tailor for each of our patients, producing a unique dental treatment plan for everyone. Our experienced dental team delivers our treatments within private dental treatment rooms, creating a relaxed dental environment for everyone.

Medical alternatives

Talking can be an excellent solution to patient anxiety, however; some of our patients may prefer physical remedies. Our clinic offers nitrous oxide, also referred to as ‘laughing gas’, as well as IV sedation, and general anaesthetic.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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