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Who are Kings Dental Subiaco?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Here at Kings Dental Subiaco, we offer excellence in all fields of our dentistry.

We have been ensuring that all our patients receive the best level of dental care for over 50 years now. We are committed to providing the ultimate in service for our patients in a calm, caring environment. This includes making our practice as welcoming as possible and ensuring that all our patients’ needs are met.

We pride ourselves in getting to know our patients and what their needs and desired outcomes are. By better understanding our patients we can make sure we’re there for them all the way on their journey to a better and brighter smile.

At Kings Dental, we have a highly qualified, caring and motivated team who are here for you and your family. We are able to provide a wide spectrum of treatment options to cater for whatever your dental needs may be. From complete smile makeovers to keeping up with regular dental check-ups we are happy to help.

We aim to make your experience with us as comfortable, and as calm, as possible.

In this article you will find information about the numerous treatments that we offer, as well as why you should consider us as your chosen practice.

What treatments do you offer?

Here at Kings Dental Subiaco we offer numerous different treatments and treatment types. We’ll always listen to your needs and assess you to make sure we offer the correct treatment to get you the outcome you want.

We’re proud to offer numerous cosmetic and restorative treatments. These treatment areas can allow you to build up a smile that you are proud of. We offer smile makeovers which can be made up of porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, white fillings and invisible braces.

Facial aesthetics treatments are available for patients who may want to rejuvenate their skin’s appearance.

Assistance with jaw problems is available should it be needed alongside treatments for sensitive teeth.

We love to take care of our younger patients and offer specific treatment options for children. We also offer specific advice and care for women during pregnancy as their teeth can be affected.

We also offer treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea

Why should I consider your practice?

Here at Kings Dental Subiaco, we take a holistic approach to our dentistry and believe that this is a major contribution to why we are respected by our loyal patients. We treat teeth and gums as a part of a whole and your overall health. We aim to look at the individual issues that you may have with your teeth and mouth to work out why they occurred as part of a bigger picture.

We use the latest advances in dentistry to analyse your gums, the muscles in your mouth, the joints in your jaw, possible medical conditions, your diet, medications and their impact, and any other factors that could be contributing to your dental health.

All of these factors could be a reason why you have issues with your teeth, gums and mouth. We take this approach with the goal of making sure we get to the root of your dental problems. We believe that this approach helps our patients' teeth stay healthier and stronger for longer.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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