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What to expect from Kings Dental Subiaco for your veneers treatment

Generally speaking, patients have two main concerns regarding their teeth; how healthy (clean) they are and how their teeth look. Both concerns are important as there are lifelong benefits to keeping mouths healthy and protecting the aesthetics of teeth. Both also relate to the quality of life a patient lives. Patients with good oral health and an attractive dental appearance are more likely to enjoy the use of their natural teeth for longer and enjoy positive self-esteem, critical for fostering social and professional relationships.

The two broad fields of dentistry that take care of dental health and dental aesthetics – general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry – are offered at our Kings Dental Subiaco clinic to help patients with any dental issues that concern them.

We take a closer look at veneer treatments available at Kings Dental Subiaco and what some of the main reasons patients opt for this type of cosmetic dental treatment are.

Why patients opt for the enhancing effects of veneers

At Kings Dental Subiaco, our patients can have porcelain veneers placed to get a great smile. Veneers are a tooth-coloured, custom-made, thin shell-like covering that are placed over a tooth to correct a dental flaw. Our dentist will have to first examine the teeth to identify what issues need to be addressed: staining, chips or cracks or irregular size and shape of teeth. Also to be discussed in a consultation is how many porcelain veneers a patient would like to receive.

As patients get older, it is often found that their teeth no longer look as pleasing as when they were younger. The types of foods we eat, wear and tear and the improper use of teeth (tearing off bottle caps for example) can all contribute to staining and damaging teeth and ruining the look of a smile. Fortunately, there are porcelain veneer treatments to help address these dental flaws.

● Protect and strengthen teeth

Not only are chips and cracks in teeth unsightly, they are also a danger to the health of teeth as they open a pathway for bad bacteria to enter and attack the inner layers of teeth. These also make teeth more vulnerable to further damage if left untreated. By adding a layer to cover up these cracks and chips, teeth can be protected from loss and strengthened against further damage.

● Better resistance to staining

The non-porous, medical-grade material that veneers are made from is less likely to be affected by discolouration from foods, it must be noted that patients should continue to exercise caution and take care of their veneers.

● Offer a natural appearance

One of the aims of veneers is to create a natural uniform look in the mouth. Veneers become a go-to choice for simple surface fixes, as the procedure is relatively quick and because the caps are custom-made to fit in with each patient’s facial symmetry, a natural look can be created.

Patients interested in any cosmetic dental treatment will need to first arrange a consultation to determine suitability, as good dental health is the first requirement for the ultimate success of any treatment plan. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. To arrange a consultation or for more information on what we do at Kings Dental Subiaco, please reach out to our friendly front desk team.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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