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What does Kings Dental in Subiaco offer?

Kings Dental, your friendly dentist in Subiaco, offers a whole range of dental treatments to help you get your teeth back in order. We’ve worked for nearly 50 years to provide you with the best possible healthcare that our team can offer. Our aim is to not only fix any immediate issues that you might be having, but also to help you to understand the importance of looking after your dental health. Practising good habits can help your teeth remain in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

What cosmetic treatments do we have available?

If you want to transform your smile for the better, we recommend booking a complimentary smile makeover consultation with us. At Kings Dental in Subiaco, our porcelain veneers are ideal for patients looking for a way to cover up a chipped or discoloured tooth. We can adjust the veneers (made out of a thin tooth-coloured piece of porcelain) to each individual tooth, making these a natural-looking and durable solution. We also have dental implants for those who have lost a tooth, crowns and bridges, and white fillings. If you have a more severe case, such as advanced tooth decay or gum disease, you may need to consider getting your tooth removed altogether.

For young children, we believe in the importance of preventive dentistry. If teeth are looked after carefully from a young age, they are more likely to remain in good condition in adulthood. By learning good habits and having positive experiences at the dentist, children will hopefully grow up caring about their dental health. We want to help with this, and so we look out for early signs of potential dental conditions like overbites and underbites. We also offer fluoride treatments to prevent young teeth from developing decay. This should also result in a decreased need for fillings as your child grows older.

Our selection of popular facial aesthetics treatments available for you ranges from anti-ageing injectable treatments to dermal fillers. Both of these procedures are non-surgical, which is great for patients with busy schedules and not much time to spare for recovering. As well as this, we can provide assessment for obstructive sleep apnoea and help treat conditions that are caused by misalignment of the jaw. Treating these issues can be really beneficial to you, in terms of both pain relief and getting a good night’s sleep.

More about us

At Kings Dental in Subiaco, we take a holistic approach to our treatments. All of the factors that come together to make a whole, such as all of your teeth playing an individual role in your smile, should be considered. We like to look at the bigger picture to get a clear idea of what treatment would work best for you. Our practice provides a homely environment that can make even the most nervous of patients comfortable. We have private treatment rooms and for those who are really anxious about getting treatment, we also have general anaesthetic and other forms of sedation to put you at ease.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure the treatment is right for you.


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