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Sedation dentistry at Kings Dental

So, you’ve been for a dental check-up and now need to have some work done, due in part to the lack of access to dental care during the pandemic of 2020 and long waiting lists.

And while you are mulling over how to schedule this next appointment into your work schedule, there may be another patient who has a dental phobia who is looking for a way out of this follow-up appointment due to worries about discomfort or anxiety.

Which is where we come in!

At Kings Dental, dentist in Subiaco, our dentist is practised in sedation dentistry. After a simple injection, we can induce tranquillity as you lay back in the dental chair, helping you to feel more comfortable and allowing our team to do what is needed to restore your dental health. Perfect!

Surprisingly, relaxing nerves is not the only reason why our team at Kings Dental, dentist in Subiaco, may want to use sedation dentistry.


First and foremost is the discomfort that can come from needing extensive dental work.

If you have missed a few check-ups with our team at Kings Dental, dentist Subiaco, you may need to have fillings fitted or refitted and may also need to have an extraction.

If you remained awake for this, you would need to have multiple numbing injections and this could be uncomfortable. Or worrying, if you have a phobia of needles!

With sedation, the pain response is removed and our team does not need to place numbing gels or injections into your gums.

Ergo, it is more comfortable overall!


We brushed on this earlier but if you have a dental phobia, attending an appointment for even a check-up can feel like a huge thing.

And if you manage to get into the surgery and have your teeth looked at, the idea of needing to come back for fillings or other dental work can set off concerns about discomfort, needles and bleeding.

If you have sedation dentistry, you will enter a phase known as twilight sedation; you will be partially conscious and able to respond to our team's instructions, but once the treatment is over and you are at home, you will have no memory of anything that occurred, and if you don’t remember it, you can’t worry about it therefore it can’t feed your phobia.

Gag reflex

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it is likely that you will find certain dental treatments difficult to sit through.

If you are having to have moulds taken or even need a filling on one of your back teeth, your gag reflex can make this seem impossible and can lead to sputtering and choking sensations.

Sedation suppresses the gag reflex temporarily, allowing you to relax and our team to do their work quickly and without bothering you.


This leads us nicely into how sedation can speed up dental procedures.

Rather than having to inject an area, wait for it to become numb and then look for a response from you relating to sensation, sedation allows us to work quickly, meaning we can get more work completed in a shorter time frame.

If you are having a longer dental session, such as the fitting of dental implants, sedation can help you to feel more relaxed (not having to hold your jaw open) and, as mentioned above, allows our team to work without delays.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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