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Our proud dental history

Did you know that we have patients who have been coming in to see us for over four decades and who still maintain their dental care regime and visit us every six months? We believe this is testament to the way we treat our patients and how we put prevention at the core of everything we do. The original founder of Kings Dental Subiaco, Dr. Stone, spent time at the Pankey Institute in America where he learnt the importance of proactive dentistry instead of reactive dentistry.

Proactive dentistry at Kings Dental Subiaco

Kings Dental, dentist Subiaco, was established nearly fifty years ago and the work and achievements over those years is reflected in many of our patients today. We have retained the philosophy that preventive dentistry results in healthier teeth and gums. This is unlike reactive dentistry which only solves a problem once it is a crisis, and irregular dental treatment which has a dental patchwork effect, and is no substitute for a proper dental care regime.

We are therefore passionate about regular six-monthly dental visits being followed by our patients. At these appointments we have the opportunity to conduct a thorough examination, allowing us to detect any possible conditions that may have been developing. Even our dental hygienists have a specific proactive examination sequence that they conduct before commencing descaling, cleaning and polishing. Being proactive is beneficial in the long run, helping to maintain a healthy oral cavity.

Our range of services

At Kings Dental, dentist in Subiaco, we provide the regular restorative and cosmetic treatments including braces and aligners for misaligned dental correction, and dentures, bridges and dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

We also understand that correcting the effects of ageing may help bolster self-esteem. As such, and because we have sterile treatment rooms, we can offer anti-ageing injections and dermal fillers to rejuvenate how you look..

Preventive dentistry is high up on our list of priorities and part of this is children's dentistry. We actively encourage parents to bring their children from a young age with them when they attend their appointments. This allows the children to become comfortable with the surgery's environment. When it comes to their turn to be examined they will be relaxed and calm as they are used to the surgery and the staff.

Family dentistry is another area that we are extremely interested in and we also provide treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea, potentially helping the whole family to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Dental pain and discomfort is something that deters a lot of people from seeing a dentist apart from when there is an emergency. We are aware of this and we utilise the latest techniques to avoid you suffering because of your sensitive teeth. Dental science and technology are making enormous strides and are constantly introducing equipment and techniques that minimise dental discomfort while being treated.

Women’s dentistry

We understand that we are not all made the same and that women require some additional attention that men will not need. Fluctuating hormones in women can result in changes to the mouth and oral health. A rapid hormone surge during pregnancy can also cause gums to become tender, which in turn makes them become more prone to bleeding. Excessive vomiting from morning sickness can cause erosion of dental enamel. Menstruation and the menopause can also cause gums to become sensitive and bleed. We recommend you come in and see us if you’re suffering any issues relating to your dental health.

Your dental health is our mission

At your dentist Subiaco, we want you to enjoy good oral health throughout your life and we want you to benefit from our training and skills. We are here to help you and your family practise being proactive by regular six-monthly visits and proper brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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