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Improving the appearance of your smile at Kings Dental Subiaco

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile then you need to speak to us at Kings Dental Subiaco and find out about cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic dental treatment is easier and more accessible than ever before and with payment plans and different prices for different types of treatment, cosmetic dental treatment is affordable and is no longer only for celebrities or the wealthy. There are many ways in which we can improve the appearance of your smile, whether you are looking for a quick and simple improvement or a complete smile makeover, here at Kings Dental Subiaco we can put together a cosmetic dental treatment plan for you.

Looking after your teeth

To maintain a beautiful smile it is important that you always visit the dentist on a regular basis and that you have a good dental hygiene routine in place which you follow every day without fail. Good dental health is vital for overall wellbeing and also helps towards maintaining a beautiful smile. If you avoid the dentist not only can this affect the appearance of your smile, but it can also affect your dental health. Despite good brushing you may find that plaque and tartar build up on the surface of your teeth and your teeth appear yellow and dull. This can even cause bad breath which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. By visiting our dentist and maintaining excellent dental hygiene you will have a beautiful smile which we can help enhance with cosmetic dental treatment.

Cosmetic dental treatment

Cosmetic dental treatment can improve the colour, size, shape and alignment of your teeth. It can help disguise any chips and cracks on your teeth and it can even change the size of your smile. You need to book a free smile consultation at Kings Dental Subiaco to find out what will be the best treatment for you. We can offer teeth whitening for patients who are affected by yellow teeth, teeth straightening for patients who have crooked and wonky teeth, crowns and other restorative treatments for teeth that have been affected by decay or damage and we can offer veneers for patients who wish to disguise chips and cracks on their teeth.

To begin with we will examine your dental health making sure that there are no underlying issues and if so we will deal with these accordingly. We will treat any signs of tooth decay or gum disease making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy before we begin. An appointment with the hygienist also makes sure that your teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar for a fresh start. We will then take photographs and X-rays of your teeth and create a digital image which can be manipulated to show you the possible results of different treatments and talk about the ways in which they can improve the appearance of your teeth. If you are happy we will put together a treatment plan for you. We can improve the appearance of your smile within hours for example with a teeth whitening session, or for those with complex cosmetic issues within a few months or even less.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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