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How to avoid dental emergencies over the holidays

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

The Holidays are upon us and the celebrations are in full swing…

With the holidays inevitably come the food and the drinks as well as the running around and playing with the kids. With all this festive fun happening nobody wants to put a dent in it with a cracked or sore tooth!

Some tips for avoiding dental related problems during the Holidays:

STAY HYDRATED – hydrated teeth are happy teeth! And yes teeth get dehydrated too. So with all that running around and the consumption of any sugary and/or alcoholic beverages, make sure you drink your H20. Water helps the body and mouth keep hydrated so saliva production is high which equals GOOD.

ICE BLOCKS - Wow that mojito sure was refreshing! Stop there! Do not attempt to continue that drink onward by biting any last drop of mojitoey goodness from the ice it has been mingling with. Ice blocks can, and do, break teeth. Period. Letting it melt in your mouth is ok as long as you are not tempted to chew on it.

ALCOHOLIC BEVVIES – Many of these drinks contain a lot of sugar and can be quite acidic. Neither sugar nor acid are very good for our pearly whites.  So whilst enjoying a few beverages is totally fine, perhaps brushing thoroughly and even supplementing your routine with a product such as ToothMousse is a good idea to help balance out the mouth. This can help combat any effects those two culprits may be doing to your teeth.


OK. Gift wrap is one thing but tearing off piece after piece of sticky tape or (Heaven forbid) opening a bottle of beer with your teeth is not always (read NEVER) the best option. Ask Santa for a bottle opener.  Merry Christmas

 THE BEST WAY TO AVOID DENTAL PROBLEMS DURING THE HOLIDAYS– If you are feeling that a tooth is on-the-fence or a possible dental-emergency-waiting-to happen- you should probably see a dentist before the Holidays.  We often wait until something is so painful we can barely eat or sleep but that is often a bad idea.

We are always here for you even during the holidays if you happen to have any dental emergency.

Wishing you safe, happy and healthy Holidays and a fantastic New Year!


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