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An introduction to Kings Dental in Subiaco

If you speak to any dentist, they will tell you that dental health is a very important part of an individual’s lifestyle, and one which sometimes gets overlooked. Many individuals have not visited a dentist in years; others may be too scared to, maybe following a traumatic experience as a child. Whatever the case may be, there are dental practices and dedicated dentists here to help. One example of these dental practices is our very own Kings Dental in Subiaco.

Established over 50 years ago by Dr Bruce Stone, Kings Dental in Subiaco has always aimed to provide quality, long term dental care for its patients in a relaxed environment. Now led by our principal dentist Dr Jeremy Keating, our practice is made up of a dedicated and highly skilled team of dentists, dental therapists and hygienists to provide all our patients with the professional dental care they require. At Kings Dental in Subiaco, our whole team of dentists, dental assistants, clinical coordinators and receptionists work together to make sure our patients are comfortable and fully informed throughout their treatments.

Cosmetic and restorative treatments available at Kings Dental in Subiaco

At our dental practice we offer various cosmetic and restorative treatments for our patients. Focusing on aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry is the area of dentistry that improves the appearance of a patient’s teeth. That can be anything from the shape, size, shade of teeth or the overall smile appearance. Examples of cosmetic dentistry treatments include dental implants, invisible braces, crowns, fillings and whitening.

You may visit our practice with the intention of improving your smile, but you may not be sure of the most suitable treatment. If this is the case, we also offer ‘smile makeover’ treatments for our patients.

What do you mean by a smile makeover at Kings Dental in Subiaco?

As mentioned earlier, there are many cosmetic treatments available at our practice. However you may not know what is the most appropriate treatment for yourself. Some patients may think they need veneers when all they require is teeth whitening or teeth bonding. This is why we offer our smile makeover treatment.

At your initial appointment with one of our dentists, you will be invited to tell us what you like and don’t like about your current smile, during which time our dentist will listen to you and take note of all the information you provide . If necessary, we will take digital X-rays and photographs of your teeth, gums and smile which will be uploaded onto our computer to view. This is when our dentist will be able to assess your smile in detail and analyse what issues you may have with your teeth. They will then suggest the most suitable treatment for you and your desired outcomes. This is an important step in our consultation as we will be able to discuss factors including cost, and the need for the treatment. Some patients will already know what they want the minute they step into our practice, whilst others may not be too sure of what is available, which is why it is imperative for us at Kings Dental to sit down with our patients to discuss the approriate cosmetic dentistry treatment options.

Once we have decided with you what treatment is best for you, you will be given a treatment plan. Any questions you may have can be asked before treatment begins. We want you to be comfortable before you make any decision on your treatment.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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